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Traffic Safety Plan

Traffic Safety Plan (traffic flow map)

Students may arrive no earlier than 7:20 a.m.  Unless students are involved in an approved after school activity, they must be picked up no later than 2:30 p.m.


Visitor signs, Office staff signs, and Handicapped signs are located in the front parking lot.  Parent and teacher parking is inside the parking lot.


Traffic Flow

Traffic needs to enter the front parking lot through the entrance on Marywood Lane.  Traffic will exit the lot through the exit on the left when facing the school.

Daycare and Car riders are dropped off in the front parking lot.  There are two lanes of traffic that flow from right to left.  Cars and vans are asked to pull up as far as possible before dropping off to keep the flow of traffic moving.

AM- Daycare vans and cars drive up and drop students off in front of the main office. Two adults supervise.  Parents who would like to walk their children to class need to park in the front parking lot.

PM- Daycare vans pick up students from the gym. Parents pull up and pick up students from the cafeteria.  Two adults supervise the car riders in the cafeteria and two adults supervise the daycare students in the gym.


Bus Loop

The bus loop is at the opposite end of the school off Gayton Rd.  Cars are not allowed in this loop.  The buses flow one way.  The bus loop is monitored in the a.m. and p.m. Students cannot get off the buses until 7:20 a.m.


*  Walkers- We have two sets of walkers.

(A.M.) Two staff members cross students as they arrive at the crosswalk. They walk on the bus loop sidewalk to class.  They are visible at all times to the person(s) on bus duty.

(P.M.) The Gayton Rd. walkers stand on the bus wall until the buses are dismissed.  Then they walk as a group to the crosswalk.  A staff member or two will walk the students across the street.  Again they are visible to those staff members on bus duty.

(A.M.)  The Cabin Creek Apts. – Parents are encouraged to walk their students to school.  Students should walk on the sidewalk and then cross through the Marywood parking lot entrance and up the sidewalk to class.  A Crossing Guard is present to walk them across the street.

(P.M.)  The Cabin Creek Apts.-  Students walk with a teacher up the sidewalk next to the gym towards Marywood Lane.  The teacher walks them across the street to the edge of  the Cabin Creek Apts.