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Pinchbeck’s Vision & Mission

School Vision Statement: 

We are RAYSing Leaders.

School Mission Statement:

Pinchbeck Elementary School, a diverse community of student leaders, staff, and families, is committed to nurturing and engaging students and their families in lifelong learning to empower ALL to be thriving global citizens.

We support the vision of Henrico County Public Schools for all students to have the right to achieve and the support to succeed.

School Slogan:

Together we can do great things.

The Pinchbeck Motto:

(recited daily on announcements)

At Pinchbeck, I do my best everyday,

I listen and I follow directions.

I work hard and I am honest.

I respect myself, others, and the environment.

What I do today does make a difference.

As a Pinchbeck Ray,

I do my best everyday!