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Pinchbeck’s Mission

Henrico County Public Schools


Pinchbeck Elementary School, a diverse community of student leaders, is committed to nurturing and engaging students and their families in lifelong learning to empower ALL to be thriving global citizens.  

We support the mission of Henrico County Public Schools for all students to have the right to achieve and the support to succeed.

Pinchbeck’s Collective School Vision

1.We believe in accountability.  At Pinchbeck we hold high expectations for teachers, staff, and students. We promote both personal and shared responsibility for the productive leadership of our school.

2.We believe in a school community grounded in respect and integrity.  We teach students to respect themselves, others, and the environment.  We strive to open lines and paths of communication to make our school free of bullying and accepting of differences.

3.We believe in continuous improvement to meet and exceed the challenges of a changing environment. Pinchbeck faculty and staff are dedicated to ongoing professional development to meet the needs of diverse learners and to inspire a love of learning.  We regularly attend conferences, pursue additional endorsements, and work in conjunction with the PTA to model and integrate 21st century skills.

4.We believe that our students can and will learn.  At Pinchbeck we maximize every student’s learning potential through differentiating instruction and partnering with parents and the community.  We strive to meet SOL standards and expand the curriculum beyond the basics.  We also recognize, support, and challenge individual strengths.

5.We believe that success requires shared responsibility among all staff, parents, students, and community as stakeholders.  We are a strong community of teachers, parents and community members who each play an important role in motivating and supporting students to achieve their full potential.  Each year we provide additional opportunities for community involvement.

6.We believe that understanding and respecting diversity enriches the individual and community.   Pinchbeck offers a richly diverse population in which all students learn from one another and appreciate each other’s uniqueness.  Pinchbeck is a community of acceptance.  We teach students to embrace the diversity of our school and nation, and to make responsible choices about their own future.

7.We believe that there is value in learning from each other. Our students learn 21st century skills.  They utilize technology, creative thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and hands-on learning to solve real world problems together.

8.We believe that individuals are most successful in safe, caring, and well-maintained environments.    All members of the Pinchbeck community are committed to ensuring a secure and inviting learning environment.

9.We believe that providing Henrico County students a quality education is the best investment for the future. It is Pinchbeck’s responsibility to ensure that all students are well prepared for middle school.  It is our passion to foster a life long love of learning.

10.We believe in cultivating positive community relationships.    An extremely active Pinchbeck PTA provides grade level and school wide programs to enrich student learning, family centered activities, and financial support.   The Pinchbeck PTA will continue to work with the school to meet the changing needs of our community.

11.We believe in the equity of opportunities for personal growth.  We provide a variety of artistic, athletic, and social experiences to develop the whole child.  We strive to give each individual what he or she needs to be successful.


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