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FAQ’s for New Parents at Pinchbeck

How can I get involved with the PTA?
Our PTA would love to have you! Please see our PTA link for contact info.

Can I have lunch with my child?
We welcome parents to eat any day with your child. Please check in the office, then wait for your child’s class to enter the cafeteria (we keep these doors locked at all times). You may eat at the parent table with your child.

Can other family members and guests eat lunch with my child?

We welcome other family members and guests to eat lunch with your child. A School Lunch Guest Form must be filled out and returned to school notifying the office and your child’s teacher on the day this occurs.

What do I need to do to volunteer in my child’s classroom?
Please talk with your child’s teacher about volunteering in the classroom, or with PTA about being a room parent.

Can I send treats into my child’s classroom for his/her birthday?
We no longer allow edible treats for birthdays due to growing allergy and safety concerns, but you are welcome to send in small token items for the class.  You are also welcome to send or bring in a special treat for your own child.

How do I set up a conference with my child’s teacher?
Email or phone your child’s teacher directly to ask for a conference. You may also contact the principal or associate principal any time to share concerns, ask questions, or set up a conference.

What is the school’s phone number?

When does my child have to be at school?
The school bell rings at 7:40. Students will be marked tardy after that time.

What do I need to know if my child is a car rider at the end of each day?
Please send a WRITTEN note with your child for any change of transportation. For the safety of your child, we cannot take transportation changes over the phone or via email.

What is the difference between open house and back to school night? Do I have to attend?
Open House is an opportunity for you and your child to meet your teacher and see the classroom before the school year begins in a casual setting. BTSN is an opportunity to learn about the grade level curriculum and academic expectations for the year. Parent attendance is not required but encouraged so you may develop an active partnership with your child’s teacher.  Childcare will be offered for those who need to bring their children.

What kind of shoes can my child wear to school?
Shoes must be sturdy and have heel support (no flip flops).  Tennis shoes are best for everyday recess.

How many library books can my child check out?
This depends on the grade level.

Who do I contact if my child is sick and not going to attend school?
Please contact the office to inform us that your child is sick in order to excuse the absence and account for your child. We will call you if we do not hear from you.

How and when do I pick up my child’s missing work when he or she is absent from school?
Email your child’s teacher to send home with a buddy or leave in the front office for you to pick up.

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