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Faculty & Staff

Pinchbeck’s Faculty and Staff
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Sarah Modrak – Principal
Alice-Cole Reynolds – Associate Principal
Jamie Jones – School Counselor

Office Staff
Denise Bickett – Secretary
Morgan Brickley – Office Assistant
Katie Simpson – School Nurse

Libby Gregg 
Elizabeth Long
Ashley Heckel  
Kathie Rushin

First Grade
Sara McCotter
Susan Lanni-Mitchell
Cherie Pugh
Lisha Cappellino

Second Grade
Suzanne Ranson 
Madeline Damron
Shanya Noxon
Alyssun Scuderi

Third Grade
Kristin Dixon
Thea Gergoudis
Nicole Ficor
Laura Shifflett
Andrea Ferguson

Fourth Grade
Ashley Smith
Brittani Smith
Sarah Hardymon
Ayn Crews
Amy Dubs

Fifth Grade

Waverly Williams
Katherine Anderson
Jennifer Parker
Dawn Johns

Exceptional Education

Melanie Midlin(Teacher), Sudie Wood, Gina Knight (Instructional Assistants)
Samantha Yearout (Teacher), Sandra Pascasio, Toni Rivera (Instructional Assistants)
Jessica Alfasi (Teacher), Vicky Lefon (Instructional Assistant)
Bethany Boldt (Teacher), Madeline Ammann (Instructional Assistant)
Fletcher Lumpkin (Teacher), William Caulder (Instructional Assistant)

Shannon Donovan-ESL Teacher, Sarah Rutledge – ESL Instructional Assistant
Karen Morton- Speech
Karen Karwoski- Physical Therapist
Hallie Lifson- OT
Catherine Kelly – Primary Gifted
Michael Capehart- School Psychologist
Angela Elazier – School Social Worker
Kathy Louthan, Ann Spiers, Tiffany Holland – Interventionists

Resource Specialists
Julie Koontz – P.E. Teacher
Amy Adams – Music Teacher
Erin Rogers – Art Teacher
Brooke Adams – Librarian
Stacey Sylvia and Suzanna Payne- Library Assistant

Technology Specialists 
John Nolte -TST
Julie Franklin- ILC (Innovative Learning Coach)

Tammy Donahay – Cafeteria Manager
Martha Mitchell, Sue Lienemann, Mervat Eskander
Tina Meyers and Jayne Kirkland – Cafeteria Monitors

Megali Megali
Malak Henes
Linda Steed

C&M Team
Philip Herndon
Al Easley
Bobby Loveland


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Talented Staff

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